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All You Need To Know About XGIMI's ISA Technology

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-01

Our industry-leading Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology simplifies your user experience and setup process tremendously. In this article, you will learn about each feature–Autofocus, Intelligent Screen Alignment, Auto Keystone Correction, and Obstacle Avoidance–and how they work harmoniously to ensure your display is always crisp, smooth, and uninterrupted.

What is Autofocus?

**Speed focus? Light speed focus? Lightning focus? **

Since intelligent projection incorporated the autofocus function, countless brand names have been created. However, the core expression emphasizes the speed of their focus function. At the same time, we found that when consumers compare projectors, the speed of the autofocus has become an important selling point.

However, is it really seconds or milliseconds that we are after? Essentially users are not actually in need of focus. Whether it is very fast or light speed, in the end, the focus map shown onscreen will interfere with normal use. So we believe that automated focus should be fast and clear up a display before users even realize it.

In the past, projector autofocus was similar to contrast focus built into our cell phones. The camera module will repeatedly push and pull the focus motor to determine whether the projection focus map has reached the clearest state, which is often said to be the "wind box" phenomenon in photography. Although technology can shorten the time of repeated pushing and pulling, this process will always exist, even if it completes in one second, the appearance of the focus map will still interrupt our use.

The first problem that our eagle-eye perception system solves is eliminating the windbox phenomenon and the focus chart so that the projection focus is senseless, not simply fast.

Take XGIMI HORIZON as an example. The ToF laser makes the XGIMI HORIZON have the ability to sense the depth information of the scene, and with XGIMI's deep learning algorithm, the projector no longer needs to pull when focusing. Moreover, the focus map can push the focus motor into place in one step.

The HORIZON's focusing speed is greatly improved, and the process is completed in a flash when powered on, ensuring the entire process is nearly senseless to the user. However, at this stage, the single ToF laser does not capture global picture information, so its focusing accuracy can only reach 95% in most scenes.

For the HORIZON to achieve 100% focus accuracy, a camera module is introduced to monitor the global picture in real-time and make minor adjustments to the picture. It should be noted that this monitoring and the fine-tuning process is also not used to focus on the map but to examine the screen in real-time screen. This helps prevent the focusing process from disturbing the focus map.


What is Automatic Keystone Correction?

First, compared to the automatic keystone correction introduced by previous projection manufacturers, XGIMI's fully automatic keystone correction is no longer just vertical keystone correction. We've designed three axes of automatic keystone correction: up and down pitch direction left and right rotation, and tilt correction. Regardless of where the projector is placed, it can perform automatic keystone correction. Users can say goodbye to the manual operation process.

Second, if the projector position changes, automatic keystone correction will automatically trigger. For example, when we move the XGIMI Horizon from the living room to the bedroom, the display will align itself within the projection area automatically. Even if the setup surface is not flat enough, the XGIMI Horizon can correct the screen easily and automatically.

What is Obstacle Avoidance?

As we all know, when projecting from the side, we will inevitably encounter obstacles, such as wall inserts, cabinets, etc., that obstruct the projection. In the past, we could only manually adjust the position of the screen. However, now with the intelligent obstacle avoidance function, when the projected image meets an obstacle, the XGIMI projector automatically recognizes and scales the image to avoid it.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance through a new screen sensing algorithm identifies obstacles in the projection area. When performing keystone correction, the display will also accurately avoid wall obstacles while finding a more suitable projection surface. For homes with countless wall decorations, it saves users tremendous time. They do not have to move the objects or manually adjust the projection screen physically. Those who have experienced this function can truly understand and appreciate its benefit.

What is Intelligent Screen Alignment?

If you have a projector screen installed at home, you can also experience XGIMI's automatic screen alignment function. Anyone who has ever used a projector screen has probably experienced the painful process of adjusting the projection screen to each edge and corner.

XGIMI's Intelligent Screen Alignment function solves this issue by automatically identifying the projector screen and matching the display to each edge perfectly. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the corners, which is a complete gospel for OCD patients.

The Intelligent Screen Alignment has developed incredible accuracy thanks to thousands of screen setup trials with various projector screen types. Users can say goodbye to complicated manual debugging, making the entire setup process fast and simple.


Gone are the days of feeling frustrated by a slow or complex setup. Simply plug in your XGIMI projector, power it on rapidly with our fast boot function, and let the Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) technology perfectly adjust your display in seconds!

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